The Sugar Girl Eats Love is the first episode of the Happy Sugar Life series. It aired on July 14, 2018.


Satō Matsuzaka, who previously had a reputation for playing around with men, has started living with the person she loves: a young girl named Shio Kōbe. As Satou takes on a part-time waitressing job to raise money for Shio's sake, she turns down a confession from fellow employee Taiyō Mitsuboshi, who stops coming to work the next day. As Satou is forced to work overtime for less pay, she confronts the manager, exposing that she had kidnapped and performed deeds of sexual misconduct with Mitsuboshi before blackmailing her with recorded evidence. While Satou returns home to Shio, keeping quiet about a room in their apartment containing bloodied trash bags, a boy puts up posters listing Shio as missing.


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