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Satou's aunt is the major antagonist of the story, inflicting painful and bitter memories in Satou's experiences with the term love. She appears in the first episode, exemplifying what love means ever since Satou was a young orphan. She is the main cause in Satou's reputation as being easy to catch when it comes to relationships with males. She lives in room 305 apart from Satou and Shio's room. She tends to be very cheerful yet insane at the same time. With her seductive and crazed demeanor, she is known to attract violence and sexual interactions to herself. 


Satou's aunt has a messy light lavender hair that reaches to the end of her breasts and is tied into a loose fishtail braid at the right side. Her bangs are straight which appear to be choppy and parted into the middle. She has two choppy strands which are chin-length and and slightly curl inwards. She also has another set of messy strands which extend a little bit below her neck and curl inwards.  

She has light blue eyes that hinder no emotion. Her pale skin is very similar to Satou's, and they appear to be the same height. She often wears a light pink knee-length dress with a flat curved white collar with one golden button at the top. Other times, she could be seen wearing an open white coat as she continues her habit of playing with other suitors. 


She never reveals herself unless Satou follows through with a secret code of dropping her keys. She can be quite welcoming and playful towards strangers. 


  • So far, oddly, no official name has been given to Satou's Aunt despite her being a major character,